3 reasons why cremation services are so popular

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Where once burials were the most popular type of funeral in the UK, cremations have now taken over that mantle. It is now thought that around 75% of all funeral services held in the UK are cremations. This is a startling figure which shows just how many people around the country choose this option now. But why are cremation services the obvious choice for many?

Great value for money

Although you do not want to skimp on the send-off for a loved one, you still need to get the best value for money. If you are not careful, traditional funerals can cost a lot of money and create a financial headache. This need to plan a decent send-off without breaking the bank is one reason cremation services are common now. They can certainly be less costly than burials, for example, where the lack of space in graveyards can see burial plots come with a big price tag. The very nature of a cremation removes costs like this and means they often work out less expensive.

A more mobile solution

Another reason why cremation services have taken off in the UK is the flexibility they give after the service. As the ashes will be returned to you in an urn, you can then choose to keep them with you, wherever you are. This can be a lot more comforting to people than burying a relative in a plot which they do not live near too or cannot visit regularly. With a cremation, you can choose to always keep the ashes with you and always have your deceased relative close to hand.

A quicker, easier choice

Planning out a cremation service is fairly simple in comparison with other options. This is attractive to many people, who do not have the time to plan out a more elaborate send-off. It also means you have to spend less time planning the funeral when you will be feeling upset. If you work with a reputable funeral provider, then it gets even simpler to arrange a cremation.

Let Far & Beyond Funeral Services help

If you have recently lost a loved one and think a cremation service is the best send-off for them, why not let us help plan it? Our caring team has lots of experience in this sector and can help guide you through the whole process. Get in touch for more details at support@farandbeyondfunerals.co.uk today.

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