A lasting act of care: Choosing a prepaid funeral plan

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It may be upsetting to think about what will happen when you die, but many people are more stressed about how their loved ones will cope than about the circumstances surrounding their death. There are many ways to lessen this emotional and practical stress, including ensuring that all your affairs are in order, that paperwork is clear and easy to find and that your Will is up to date.

Another thing you can do is arrange and pay for your own funeral while you are still alive and well.

Choosing a prepaid plan will alleviate all of this stress, and allow those left behind to focus on comforting each other with loving memories of your life. Here are three things to think about.

Choose the right plan

Far and Beyond has a range of plans and payment terms, including interest-free plans. Taking the prepaid route makes excellent financial sense, and you are assured that your family will not bear unforeseen costs at a difficult time. Share your plans with your loved ones so that they know what to expect and what is covered when the time comes.

Personalise your plan

Take the time to think about the type of funeral or cremation you want, and include all aspects of your wishes in your upfront plan. This ensures that the occasion will be in line with your preferences, and relatives will not have to try and guess what you might have wanted. It is especially important to consider this if you plan a non-traditional funeral. People can be judgemental in times of high emotion, and it will be a comfort for your loved ones to be able to assure everyone that this was your choice.

Update and amend your plan over time

Just as you will revisit your investment and insurance plans, you should relook at your funeral plan over time to see if you still feel the same about the arrangements.

Far and Beyond are caring funeral directors in Manchester. We provide affordable funerals with a flexible range of plans and services, so contact us today to learn more.

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