Arranging a funeral that is affordable and respectful

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The loss of a loved one is devastating and the prospect of having to go into debt to pay funeral costs will only add another unwanted layer of stress. This is not something you have to endure though if you follow our tips for arranging affordable funerals that don’t sacrifice dignity or care.

Check if your loved one pre-paid for a funeral

People sometimes make funeral arrangements themselves while still alive, in the form of pre-paid funeral plans, only to neglect to tell their families. At other times, the shock of grief makes those left behind forget that these arrangements are in place. Make sure that your loved one did not pre-pay for their funeral before planning anything yourself.

Take time before choosing a funeral director

One reason why people sometimes end up paying more than they can afford for a funeral is that their grief leaves them unable to face speaking to different directors. Ideally, you should lean on the support of friends or family to help you with this though, as choosing the right funeral director will help you secure a service that you can afford and that you are happy with. A good director will have a range of plans to suit different budgets and will be flexible with what each offers.

Choose between burial and cremation

Often a person expresses a preference for either burial or cremation, but if that was not the case with your loved one the decision will be up to you. The standard rule is that cremation services are less expensive than burial ones, but this can vary. If you have chosen a funeral with cremation then it will generally be at a lower cost if held during the week rather than the weekend. Opting to scatter the ashes of your loved one at a chosen location rather than having them buried will further cut costs while also letting you choose somewhere that had personal significance for them.

If you are organising a funeral with burial, costs can be reduced by selecting a burial spot that is inside the local authority area where your loved one lived.

Planning a funeral while you are still grieving is very hard, but here at Far & Beyond we understand that and this sensitivity has made us funeral directors Manchester truly values. Contact us today for all the help and advice you need.

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