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Music is an important part of any funeral or cremation service. The right song can bring people together in a way that words alone cannot. At one time, your music options would have been very limited. You would have been given a selection of classical pieces, most of them hymns, and asked to choose your favourite. Luckily times have changed. Modern funeral directors are more than happy to accommodate music of all styles, both classical and modern. This allows for a much more personalised experience, but it also puts a lot of pressure on you to choose the right song. Here are a few simple tips to help you get it right.

Consider the wishes of the deceased

The most important thing is to choose music that the deceased would have enjoyed. Ideally, your family member or friend would have told you their song choices before they died. This may have been done officially as part of the will or a prepaid funeral plan, or informally during a conversation. You should also contact other family and friends to find out if the deceased ever mentioned a song preference.

Check their music library

If the deceased didn’t specify a particular song, it’s worth having a look through their music collection. If you knew them well, you probably have a fairly good idea of their tastes already, but browsing their CDs or MP3 library can help refresh your memory.

Think about the mood you want to set

The mood of a funeral will depend greatly on the personality of the deceased. Some are sombre affairs while others are more upbeat and celebratory. Any songs you choose should be in keeping with this atmosphere.

Listen to your choices carefully

Once you’ve chosen a song, make sure that you listen to it all the way through. Some songs may seem like a good choice at first, but turn out to have lyrics that are inappropriate. It’s a good idea to read through the lyrics in advance to avoid any embarrassment on the day.

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