Common misconceptions about funerals

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Many of us have fixed ideas about what a funeral entails. But, these notions might not always be correct. Here are some common myths about funerals debunked.

Cheap funerals don’t exist

Lots of people believe there’s no such thing as affordable funerals, but they can actually be more cost-effective than you might have realised. If you opt for a simple funeral without lots of extras, this can help to keep the costs down. Similarly, if you choose packaged or pre-paid funeral plans, these often work out better value for money.

Coffins get reused after cremation services

If you’re opting for cremation services, some people believe that the coffin will get recycled and used for someone else’s funeral. However, this isn’t the case at all. The body remains in the coffin throughout the entire cremation service, and will only ever be used the once.

Coffins are only made from traditional wood

Long gone are the days when coffins were only made from traditional wood. By all means, if this is what you want, then you’ll find a wide range of wood options, but there are other alternative materials that you might wish to consider if you want something a bit different. For instance, you can now find coffins made from willow or bamboo or even cardboard for those with eco-conscious ideals.

The important thing is to choose what you think is most appropriate for the individual circumstances. Whether you choose funeral directors in Manchester or elsewhere, find out what various options are available from different funeral providers.

Embalming is a requirement

Although embalming is a common practice and is a legal necessity if a person has passed away overseas, you are not obliged to have a loved one embalmed in this country if you don’t want to. Think about the reasons why you might want to have someone embalmed and consider if the situation is appropriate or not, but, remember, it’s a personal choice. Bear in mind that if you do decide to have embalming carried out, you’ll need to pay for this.

A hearse is needed to transport a coffin

Although coffins are normally transported in a hearse, this isn’t a legal requirement. Any vehicle that is able to carry a coffin is acceptable, although, for many people, a hearse procession is a major part of the funeral process.

To find out more about arranging a funeral according to you and your departed’s needs, contact us today.

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