Cost effective alternatives to sending flowers at funerals

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Floral tributes are a long-standing tradition at funerals. But whilst they’re a beautiful gesture, they can be costly and their brief lifespan does not always make them worth the expense. These cost-effective alternatives are a great way of sending your condolences without having to break the bank.

Dig out old photos

This idea doesn’t have to cost you a penny but could mean the world to the bereaved. Gift photos of the deceased that you know the family won’t have in frames or photo albums, or burn them onto a CD and offer to look through them at the wake.

Donate to charity

Giving to a good cause is becoming a popular alternative to arranging flowers for funerals. You can donate as much or as little as you like and choose a cause that is close to the family’s hearts. This is a particularly fitting idea if they lost their loved one due to a certain illness.

Send a self-care package

Dealing with grief when a loved one dies is one of the hardest things we will ever have to do. Sending a self-care box full of inexpensive tokens can be a way of offering some light to the family’s day. Try filling a box full of items like candles, bath bombs and their favourite food for a thoughtful way to help the bereaved find moments to reflect and relax.

A potted plant

If you want to stick to sending a natural tribute you could send a potted plant. They’re often cheaper than flowers and can live for years as beautiful reminders of their loved one. Succulents are a modern and popular choice as they can withstand a bit of neglect if the family is a little preoccupied for a while.

Whatever way you choose to send your condolences, families usually ask for tributes to be arranged through their funeral director. And as one of the most experienced funeral directors Manchester-based, we are dedicated to helping you send the perfect message. Get in touch to find out more.

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