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What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is an illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It’s caused by a virus called coronavirus. Symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are a cough, a high temperature and shortness of breath. Simple measures like washing your hands often with soap and water can help stop viruses like coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading.

There’s no specific treatment for coronavirus (COVID-19). Treatment aims to relieve the symptoms until you recover. It’s not known exactly how coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads from person to person, but similar viruses are spread in cough droplets.

How will COVID-19 affect funeral services?

Far & Beyond Funeral Services in addition to other funeral care providers have a vital role to play in society and are often called upon to care for the most vulnerable – whether that’s by physical health or mental health. Conducting a funeral service is a difficult task in usual circumstances and COVID-19 is regrettably making funerals more difficult.

COVID-19 is affecting the way in which funeral services are conducted. Far & Beyond Funeral Services in addition to other funeral care providers are doing everything possible in order to conduct our business in a dignified, safe and stress free manner, however, below are some of the restrictions you should expect.

(a) – All crematoriums are now restricting the number of mourners able to attend the service itself, averaging between 15-30 attendees.
(b) – Some crematoriums are placing restrictions on floral tributes entering the crematorium.
(c) – Many crematoriums and funeral care providers are restricting mourners and staff from bearing the coffin.
(d) – Most funeral care providers are now allowing chapel visits at their funeral homes (subject to individual circumstances).
(e) – Some crematoriums are now offering live streaming for any mourners who are unable to attend the funeral service in person.
(f) – Most crematoriums require a track and trace form to be completed prior to mourners entering the crematorium chapel.

We understand that some of the above may sound alarming – however, we’d strongly encourage you not to panic. At this stage it is still possible to deliver a beautiful and meaningful funeral service and we will do everything within our power to provide our usual outstanding service.

Please note: The above restrictions are not necessarily in force at every location. Restrictions vary based on the venue and other relevant risk factors. For further information please contact a member of our team on 0800 368 7722.

Together, we will tackle this.

Track and trace is currently in use at our funeral homes.

Chapel viewings are authorised subject to individual circumstances.

All visits to our funeral homes must be booked prior to attending by telephoning us on 0800 368 7722. In order to maintain social distancing, in line with government advice, only two persons are permitted within our funeral homes at any one time (excluding staff).

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