Cremation funeral services

Cremation has been practised since prehistoric times. It fell out of favour for many centuries due to the influence of the Christian church: there was a belief that cremation funeral Service was a pagan custom rather than a Christian one. This began to change in the later part of the 19th Century, when the large growth in city populations meant that burial grounds were put under increasing pressure. In addition, Victorian burials were expensive, prompting many people of more modest means to opt for a more cost-effective method of being laid to rest. The trend for cremations has continued to grow over time, with a recent survey suggesting that around 75% of people now decide to be cremated.

Once the cremation has taken place, ashes can usually be scattered in line with your loved ones wishes, stored in an urn or buried. Cremations are still usually significantly cheaper than the price of a burial. Note that, unlike a burial, there are limitations on what can be placed in the coffin prior to cremation – Far & Beyond will be able to talk you through the various restrictions should you wish to choose this option.

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