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Funerals in Bolton

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Far & Beyond Funeral Services are a local funeral directors based in the heart of Staybridge.  With many years of experience as funeral directors, helping families in need, we are confident that we can provide you with guidance, comfort and support following the loss of your loved one.  It is our overriding aim to provide you and your family with the advice and support you need to ensure the arrangements for the funeral are made efficiently.

Aware of our clients’ desire for a memorable funeral service without the pressure of a costly bill, we believe that we can offer a personal service for your family at a competitive price.

We strongly believe that every family has the right to a service of their wishes, regardless of their budget.

To see how we can help your family, please contact our team of Funeral Planners on 0800 368 7722.

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You can also visit our website at https://farandbeyondfunerals.co.uk.

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