How to avoid family arguments at a funeral

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Funerals for loved family members are always difficult things to deal with – this is true for both cremation services and burials. As funerals are difficult enough to get through anyway, you do not want anything adding to this. Unfortunately, old family feuds and resentments can sometimes rear their head to cause trouble. As a funeral is one of few occasions where everyone comes together in one place, it can see you rubbing shoulders with family members you may not like.

Of course, it is important to avoid any arguments on such an emotional day. But what are the best ways to do this?

Remember why you are there

One good tip for avoiding extra strife at funerals is keeping in mind why you are there. It is not the day to settle old scores with other family members. You are there to say goodbye to someone you loved and this should be your main concern. If you remember and focus on this, you will find it easier to avoid getting drawn into any disputes on the day.

Try to spend less time with those you do not like

While it is key to be civil to anyone you might not get along with at a funeral, it does not mean you have to spend lots of time with them. In fact, it is probably best to stick with those who you do get on with. This will avoid others rubbing you up the wrong way and you then reacting to cause a scene. It will also mean they are not able to start arguments with you, based on anything you might say.

Resolve disputes beforehand

If you think the above is not possible due to the severity of any dispute, why not try to sort it out before the funeral? Whether you phone, text or speak to them in person, this is a good idea. While it might seem a lot to take on at such a time, it is better than having a big argument on the day itself. The death of someone you both love could actually put things into perspective and make it simpler to lay any old conflicts to rest.

Let Far & Beyond Funerals make it easier on you

The key thing with any funeral is to make it as easy on you as possible. Along with ensuring family disputes do not cause an issue, choosing the right provider for affordable funerals is also crucial. Here at Far & Beyond Funerals, we provide great value funerals across the UK. Our compassionate service will give you all the help needed to get through this stressful time. Contact us today for more details.

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