How to plan an eco-friendly funeral

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Many of us are taking steps to ensure that we are living environmentally-friendly lifestyles, so it makes sense that we now want the same in death. Eco-funerals aim to have as little impact on the environment as possible and try to leave no man-made trace on the land. This simple approach also makes them one of the most affordable funerals available.

Eco-funerals are an ideal tribute for loved ones who had a passion for nature or were committed to protecting the planet. So, if you’re looking to honour a loved one in this way, or are thinking about requesting your own eco-funeral, here’s are our tips for planning a green send-off.

How to have a green burial

Burials have a much smaller carbon footprint than cremation services as they use considerably less energy and don’t emit any harmful gases. However, there are some burial traditions which you will need to reconsider to reduce your impact.

Generally speaking, choosing a natural burial ground or woodland site is better for the planet than a typical cemetery. That’s because, instead of a headstone, you can choose to plant a tree or natural marker that won’t impact the surrounding land.

Choosing a location close by will also minimise how far people need to travel and reduce your carbon footprint even further. You could even swap the car procession altogether and encourage people to walk or cycle to the service as a memorable alternative.

Choosing an eco-friendly coffin

In order for your burial to be eco-friendly, it’s important that you choose a biodegradable coffin. Cardboard, bamboo and willow are all suitable options that will degrade naturally over time and don’t involve the felling of large trees. Alternatively, skip the coffin altogether and opt for a shroud made from natural materials.

Can you have an eco-friendly cremation?

Due to the amount of energy they use, cremation services are not considered to be as eco-friendly as burials. But there are still ways you can reduce your impact on the environment if you choose to have one. Cut out any chemicals by refrigerating and not embalming the body and capitalise on the fact that a cremation service requires less land by burying the ashes in a biodegradable urn. By placing a tree seed above the urn, you’ll watch as new life grows from the nourishment provided by the ashes. A fitting tribute for any nature lover.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our dedicated team members to discuss how we can help you plan the perfect eco-funeral.

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