Whatever the genre,

music can be one of the most emotive ways to express the personality of your loved one at a funeral.

Music is highly important and personal to a lot of people, and can help the bereaved to feel more connected to their lost loved one.

Music played at funerals varies greatly from person to person, and you can literally choose anything by which you would like to remember your loved one. While some people choose classical music or hymns, others opt for pop or rock music. Some go for sad songs, while others go for happy songs that can be a celebration of life or what your loved one loved to listen to.

Music is generally chosen to be played at three occasions during the service – entrance, reflection and exit – and it is completely your choice regarding what is played.

We also know that choosing music can be overwhelming – choosing something that your loved one would truly love can be a daunting task. We can help you select the music for your service; we will take the time to fully brief you on the musical tastes of your loved one, from favourite bands, to genres, to mood. Then leave sourcing it to us – so that you don’t have to worry about organising the details.


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