Pre-paid funeral plans: What are they and why consider using them?

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When it comes to organising a funeral, pre-paid plans are becoming more common in the UK now. This is something of a new concept for many people though and represents a new way to think about funerals. You may have heard about them yourself and not be sure what they are or why they make sense. To make it all a bit clearer, we have put together a quick guide below.

What are pre-paid funeral plans?

In simple terms, this kind of plan does exactly what the name implies. It allows you to plan and pay for your funeral now, rather than your family having to do so after you pass on. With the cost of funerals often being in the thousands around the UK, it is becoming a popular way for people to deal with the necessary arrangements before they die.

Pre-paid funeral plans have a few distinct benefits when compared to arranging a standard ‘at need’ service. But what are they?

Reduces stress on family

This is perhaps the major reason why more and more people around the UK are paying in advance for their funeral now. Sorting out the service details and covering the cost in advance means your family does not have too. This naturally takes away a lot of the stress which would otherwise be placed on them at the time.

Gives you control

Many UK residents now are starting to think about how they would like their funeral service to go. You might already be thinking of what flowers you would like or what sort of service you would prefer for example. Pre-paid funerals allow you to set out details like this when you pay for the plan. This means that you get the funeral you want and one that is carried out to your requests.

Makes sense financially

Affordable funerals are something most people are looking for now. Plans which you pay for in advance are a great option as they can save you money. As you pay for the plan when you take it out, it will usually cost less than paying for the same service in the future.

Pre-paid funeral plans with Far & Beyond

As the above shows, plans like this make sense financially and emotionally to all concerned. While no-one likes to think about dying, having everything in place for when the time comes is sensible. For great value pre-paid plans across the UK, get in touch with Far & Beyond today on 0800 368 7722.

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