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Funeral provision is something every family should plan for before the inevitable happens. Despite the somewhat morbid nature of funeral planning, it ensures that the funeral is a celebration of a person’s life. We all want to take care of our families in life and death, but we also want the funeral to offer the opportunity to reflect and remember.

What should I consider?

A funeral is a chance to reflect on the good times and honour the life of a loved one. When it comes to family, an important part of the planning process is ensuring your funeral is affordable and doesn’t create any extra stress or worry. To allow for a stress-free experience, pre-paid funeral plans are now widely available, allowing you to take financial concerns away so they can focus on emotion and family in these difficult times. If you want a truly unique funeral, consider tailor-made services too.

How will my family be supported?

Consider service providers with long-term experience as funeral directors; they are often well prepared and understand the emotional toll a death has on a family. Dedicated in-house bereavement counselling services can help your family through the experience and staff are trained to provide guidance, comfort and support. It is this caring attitude that enables top-class funeral directors to provide memorable funeral services that represent your family with pride.

Service providers should provide the support necessary to ensure all worries over the funeral are dealt with. To avoid directors who may include unexpected add-on charges, look for businesses where all payments are transparent; fixed price fee structures help ensure this is the case.

What do Far & Beyond offer?

Alongside our affordable funerals and family support network, we offer untraditional funerals for modern tastes. We offer cremation services that allow you and your family to decide how best to carry out the funeral, and aim to make the process as stress-free as possible by providing pre-paid funeral plans. We are funeral directors Manchester and the rest of the UK trust.

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