The benefits of planning a funeral in advance

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At some point in a person’s life, they die. This comes as no surprise, and it is inevitable. However, losing a loved one is an overly emotional time. During this period, when some people aren’t in the best frame of mind to make decisions, planning a funeral can be an overwhelming task.

A sensible option is to make the arrangements in advance. This means that when the time comes, everything is already in place.


Having the time, and a clear mind space can ensure that the funeral will be exactly as you and your loved ones want it to be. Without planning, you may miss out on the ideal burial or cremation plot, the church may not be available, and even caskets may be out of stock.

By having the time to plan, you can make choices that everyone agrees on. That way, when the day comes, the occasion will be one of fond farewell and not last-minute stress.


With funerals in the UK on average costing around £3,500, not including memorial stones and inclusions like flowers, this can prove challenging. During the grieving period, having to come up with funds like this suddenly can be even more traumatic.

A pre-paid funeral plan is a wise choice. Paying for all the arrangements in advance gives your loved ones peace of mind that you’ll have the funeral that you wished for, leaving no financial responsibility for them.

Far & Beyond funerals can offer you several options for pre-paid funerals, including monthly instalments.


Many grief-stricken people find it hard to make rational decisions. After losing a loved one, trying to plan a funeral to honour the deceased and keep everyone happy can appear to be an impossible task.

Making all the preparations in advance removes this burden from your family members. Having the luxury of time, also allows for input from everyone, ensuring all participants are happy. When the day arrives, everyone knows what to expect, and there should be no unexpected surprises.

Far & Beyond are professionals with many decades of experience. Talk to them about the best ways to plan a funeral in advance.

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