The emotional benefits of pre-paid funeral plans for families

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Dying is something that happens to us all sooner or later in life, yet it can still be an emotionally challenging process. When someone dies, there are a myriad of feelings and emotions felt by everyone who knew that person – even if the relationship was a difficult one. Sometimes, especially because of that. At Far & Beyond, we understand this.

A pre-paid funeral plane can help to make this difficult time easier in a number of ways.

Feel supported

We support all families who are grieving. Families who consider themselves ‘close’, families who may be in conflict and families who might ordinarily find communication with each other challenging, never mind at a time when death has arrived – perhaps suddenly.

Reduce stress

Our many years’ experience dealing with death, means that we fully appreciate the value in helping people to prepare for this time while they are alive, alleviating unnecessary pain, conflict and stress for family members who are left behind; grieving, trying to make sense of the situation.

Peace of mind

Far & Beyond help you sensitively to plan – and pay for – a funeral while you are alive, giving you full control over what will take place on the day, providing peace of mind while you get on with your life, so that your family members won’t have that additional emotional burden at a time when they are grieving or perhaps finding family relationships strained or challenging.

Our packages can help

At Far & Beyond, we have taken great care in the design of our packages ensuring you and your family have choices, not only about the financial package but the all-important, intimate and personal details of the funeral itself too, such as the style of the coffin, the number of limousines required on the day and a variety of payment terms – including interest-free plans – which are purposefully designed to be affordable and support a wide range of budgets.

There is even a simplified process for communicating with us, starting with a 24-hour telephone line for family members to get immediate assistance and support at the time of your death. We take care of the rest.

We really have thought of everything, so you don’t have to.

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