Unique and alternative funeral ideas to give your loved one a personal send-off

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Gone are the days where funerals had to mean long religious services and strict dress codes. Instead, people are embracing creative ways to honour their loved ones to ensure that the day is personal to them.

From quirky coffins to wacky themes, we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to customise a funeral service.

Choose a theme

Do guests need to wear black if your loved one was a colourful character in life? Why not choose a theme that represents their interests and personality instead?

If you’re planning your own funeral, you could ask for something subtle like a specific colour scheme or you could go all out and request that guests dress as characters from your favourite film. Either way, you know you’ll be going out in style.

Plant a tree or give out seed cards

Planting a tree as part of the funeral service is becoming a popular way to make sure that someone’s memory lives on for many years to come. It also means that family and friends have somewhere to visit to remember the deceased that is perhaps more comforting than a traditional graveyard.

Alternatively, you could hand out seed cards to guests so that they can grow their own flowers at home. That way, they can be forever reminded of those that have passed away.

Plan a celebration rather than a wake

More and more people are choosing to hold celebrations rather than sombre wakes after the funeral service.

If your loved one had a zest for life, it makes sense that they would want people to act the same at their funeral. Consider personal touches such as photo walls, memory books and tailor-made music playlists. That way you can create a positive and memorable day.

Choose a unique coffin or urn

The options really are endless when it comes to choosing coffin shapes and designs. Caskets can take the shape of pretty much anything so if your loved one had an obsession with cars or a penchant for guitars, you could opt for a bespoke coffin to reflect their passion.

The same can also apply to urns if you’re opting for one of our cremation services. Think footballs, bottles of beer or even the shape of your favourite pet!

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our dedicated team members if you’d like to discuss any other ideas for your service.

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