What is webcasting and what benefits does it offer for funeral services?

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Technology is becoming ever more crucial to our lives and webcasting is a great example of this. Webcasting is simply the process of streaming a live event online for people to view remotely. It sees cameras at the event connected to a computer and the live footage of what they capture uploaded to the internet in real-time. Webcasting is an application that is very useful in a number of settings, such as large business events.

It is also something that is suitable for use in funeral services and cremation services. For total security, people authorised to view the webcast will be given a private login and password to watch it in advance. But what benefits does including webcasting in a funeral service bring?

Full inclusivity

In days gone by, people could only have the opportunity to say goodbye if they attended a funeral in person. This was not always possible, however, due to illness, being too emotional to attend or having too far to travel. Webcasting resolves this by enabling anyone from any location to watch a funeral remotely and feel involved.

The service can be watched again if desired

This is a real benefit that even those who attended the service in person may value. If you were so upset on the day that you don’t really remember what happened, watching the webcast footage is a great way to jog your memory. Of course, it is also ideal if people were not free to watch it remotely on the day or had IT issues that prevented this. Most webcasts will be available for a period of time after the service (usually 7 days) and this is handy if you need or want to watch the footage again.

It makes the day less stressful

If you will be organising the funeral of a friend or family member, you may well find it stressful to know that key people are not able to attend in person. By arranging a webcast, you can remove this worry and make the day less hassle for you to organise.

Webcasting services from Far & Beyond Funerals

Here at Far & Beyond Funerals, we offer a webcasting service for funerals that can involve everyone. Our compassionate staff will ensure the footage is streamed in the most discreet and sensitive manner possible. Get in touch at support@farandbeyondfunerals.co.uk for more details about this and the affordable funerals we offer today.

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