What to wear to a funeral: dos and don’ts

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From colourful celebrations of life to more sombre and mournful moods, funerals can vary in their style and general ambience.

Making sure that you dress appropriately can be quite tricky, however, below are some key dos and don’ts for what to wear at a funeral.

Do: Consider the Family’s Wishes

Usually, funeral attire consists of a couple of key wardrobe pieces such as dark colours, formal wear (for example suit or blouse), and dark shoes. However, this is entirely dependent on the type of funeral that has been arranged.

When considering what to wear for a funeral, the key thought to consider is what the bereaved family want and what atmosphere they are trying to create.

Don’t: Wear Revealing or Suggestive Clothing

Unless the family has stated otherwise, it’s usually best to dress more conservatively for a funeral.

Although the family may not want you to wear black or other more traditional funeral attire if in doubt, make sure that you are dressing in a way that shows both respect for the deceased as well as the family.

Do: Consider the Culture

Different cultures have different traditions and formalities when it comes to funeral services. For example, some Asian cultures prefer to wear white to funerals, whereas a more Western ideal is to wear black.

Making sure to consider the culture of the funeral is both respectful and will help you to blend in more too.

Remember, if you’re unsure, you can always ask a family member for their opinion beforehand.

Don’t: Underdress

If anything, overdressing is always better than underdressing for a funeral service. Try to wear more formal items from your wardrobe and stay away from casual everyday outfits and you will be fine.

Finally, always remember the reason why you’re there. Attending a funeral is about paying respects to the deceased and to say goodbye. Don’t worry too much about what you wear, if you dress appropriately and with consideration, no one is likely to notice what you’re wearing.

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