When is the ‘best time’ to hold a funeral?

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There are lots of things to consider when organising a funeral, whether you opt for affordable funerals with minimal fuss or you’re planning a more elaborate affair. Whatever kind of funeral you choose, knowing when to have the funeral is key. So, when is the ‘best time’ to hold a funeral?

Religious considerations

In many cases, the religion of the deceased person might dictate when the funeral will be held. For instance, some religious customs stipulate that a funeral has to take place within 24 hours following death.

If there are no religious traditions to consider, then you have more leeway when deciding when to hold the funeral, but there are still a few other aspects to think about.

Family and friends

Think about who is likely to want to attend the funeral, and how far they have to travel. Those coming from afar might need to stay overnight, in which case, it might be preferable to choose a Friday or a Monday so they can stay for the weekend without needing to take too much time off work. If people are travelling up for the day for the funeral, perhaps avoid choosing a very early morning slot, so that they can be certain to get there in time.

It’s also worth asking close family and friends if they have any dates or times that they can or can’t do, such as planned holidays. It could cause a lot of upset if loved ones aren’t consulted and may have to miss out on such an important occasion.

Avoid poignant dates

While there’s never a good time to hold a funeral, avoid choosing a day that falls on a birthday, anniversary or a holiday, as this could cause sad memories further down the line.

Personal preferences

If you can be flexible about times and dates for a funeral, think about the person who died and what time of day they particularly liked best. If the deceased person was an early bird and loved mornings, choosing a morning funeral would be a fitting way to celebrate their life. Whether you choose funeral directors in Manchester or elsewhere, discuss the options available to you to find the ideal time that works well for you and your loved ones.

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