Where are the best places to scatter ashes in the UK?

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More and more people are opting for cremation services rather than burials when the time comes to say goodbye. Being a simpler process, cremations are often the more affordable funeral option and they also allow you to scatter your loved one’s ashes somewhere personal and meaningful.

So, whether you’re thinking about your own funeral wishes or trying to find the best place to commemorate someone close, here are the most popular final resting places for ashes.

At sea

The sea is a beautiful option for anyone who enjoyed the beach or had a close connection to water. It’s also a calming and spiritual place and much comfort can be found from sitting on a bench and staring out at the water knowing your loved one is close by.

Unlike burial at sea, there is no need for a license. Although you may want to check with the environmental agency beforehand to ensure that there is no risk of pollution.

Beauty spots

From mountains to woodland hideaways, most people have their favourite place to reconnect with nature. Which is why they’re such fitting final resting places. There are almost no rules when it comes to scattering ashes in the great outdoors but you do need to check with the land owner beforehand.

The National Trust, for example, is usually more than happy for ashes to be scattered on their sites but you do need to ask first.

The Garden

This is the perfect option for those choosing between keeping ashes at home or scattering them outside. The garden gives you the best of both worlds and means you can still share beautiful summer evenings together.

Although it’s worth noting that you could lose access to the land if you ever decide to move.

Places connected to happy memories

Pubs can hold a lot of happy memories and landlords will often let you scatter ashes in their beer gardens. Or perhaps some of your happiest memories are supporting your local football team at their grounds? Maybe you’d like to scatter your ashes at the home of a certain author who has inspired you throughout life? Remember, the advantage of cremation is that you can choose more than one location if you wish.

Please do not hesitate to contact Far & Beyond who can help you find the right location for you.

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