Why are direct cremation services becoming more popular?

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When someone close to you dies, organising the funeral is a key task that may come your way. This is not always easy though when you are trying to cope with their death. Some people also find the range of funeral service options now a little much to process. One type you may have heard of is direct cremation services. This involves a cremation but with no religious service held at the same time. Once the body of your loved one is cremated, you are able to collect the ashes at a later date.

But why has this type of send-off grown in popularity recently?


One benefit of direct cremation services is the flexibility they provide. Rather than having to say goodbye at a set time or place at a large ceremony, everyone can choose when and where they would like to do it instead. This allows you to recall fond memories of a loved one in a special place alone if you like. If you would still like to gather family together for a memorial ceremony, this is still possible in the future after the cremation has taken place. Direct cremations just give you the flexibility and choice to handle it how you feel best.

Hassle free

When someone close to you passes on, it is a distressing period for the whole family. Ideally, you need to focus all your energy and time on supporting each other through it. Organising a traditional funeral service though does not always give you this space. Direct cremations, on the other hand, do exactly this and are hassle-free. Your funeral provider will take care of everything and return the ashes to you when ready. This leaves you free to deal with your loss in your own time.


Affordable funerals are something more and more people are looking for now. A direct cremation is the simplest and least expensive option. In this regard, it is ideal if you do not have lots of money to spend but still want a dignified, respectful send off for a loved one.

Direct cremation services with Far & Beyond

At Far & Beyond funeral services, we offer affordable and professional direct cremations across the UK. As a member of the National Association of Funeral Directors, you can be sure of a caring and compassionate service when you choose us. Call on 0800 368 7722 for more details.

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