3 tips to make public speaking at funerals less scary

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Funerals are never easy to get through – whether it is for a dear friend or a close family member. They can seem even more stressful if you have been asked to do a reading or a eulogy. While you will feel honoured to be given such responsibility, it can seem quite terrifying for those who do not usually speak in public. To make it a bit easier, we have rounded up a few key tips below.

Do not worry about being perfect

This is perhaps the biggest worry many people have when speaking at a funeral. As it is such an emotional occasion, they worry too much about getting every word perfect and putting in a flawless performance. This is a mistake though as it simply piles more pressure on you. Try to forget about being perfect and just do the best you can on the day. As everyone else will be emotional too, they will understand if you stumble over a word or shed a tear while reading.

Don’t feel pressured to rely only on memory

This tip is relevant for most people who might have the time to commit a certain Bible passage or eulogy to memory. Even if you do have time, you might not be able to remember it all when under the stress of the funeral itself. Many people will make it easier on themselves by printing out the text to read from or marking up cue cards to remind them of what should be said.

Speak clearly and audibly

A common mistake to make if you do not usually speak in public is reading too quietly or mumbling. But, speaking loudly enough so everyone can hear you (without shouting) is wise. This will see you get through the eulogy or reading as planned, without having to repeat parts for those who could not hear.

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Here at Far & Beyond Funeral Services, we understand how hard the death of someone close to you is and how emotional the funeral can be. We also know how big a task giving a reading or eulogy is to many. For more advice on pre-paid funeral services, cremation services or affordable funerals, get in touch today via the contact form on our website.

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