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Pre-Paid Funerals

Fix the cost of a funeral

Pre-Paid Funerals

Simple, Cost-Effective Solutions

Plan Price


What's Included?

  • Your funeral anywhere in the UK
  • Professional fee
  • Cremation fees
  • Doctors fee
  • Simple coffin
  • Hearse
  • Officiant

Payments by Instalments Accepted


Few people like to give too much thought to the time after their death, but sadly the burden – and cost – of arranging a funeral too often falls on the family of a loved one who has passed away. With the average price of a funeral in the UK now reaching nearly £3,500 – not including extras such as flowers and memorial stones – it can be challenging for a family to find the money to pay for upfront costs, at a time when they already have to cope with the grief of bereavement.

Now, working in partnership with great funeral plan providers, Far & Beyond are able to offer a simple, cost-effective solution that means your funeral will be paid for, thereby reducing the burden on your family in the immediate aftermath of your death.


A prepaid funeral plan is the most affordable way to arrange and finance your own funeral, eliminating the problems of costly bills and extensive organisation for your family, and helping them to come to terms with your passing. A funeral plan can be a great comfort to your loved ones, who will be alleviated of the burdens involved in planning and paying for a memorial service and burial or cremation.

By paying a set monthly amount into your funeral plan, you can be confident that your money will be wisely invested by a panel of independent and qualified trustees so that, when the time comes, the money may be accessed by your family to pay for the costs of your funeral. All they need to do is call a 24 hour telephone number for immediate assistance after your death and Far & Beyond will take charge of the arrangements for the funeral.


A funeral plan is not simply a way of saving up for your funeral; it also gives you a real choice about the finer details of the service, from the style of coffin to the number of limousines on the day. With all the funeral directors and burial or cremation costs covered, your family will be able to focus on uniting in grief instead of having to worry about the pressure of planning the occasion or paying the costs.

With a variety of payment terms, including interest-free plans, you can be confident of choosing the funeral package that you desire at a price that is affordable within your personal budget.


By choosing a funeral plan via Far & Beyond, you can enjoy the reassurance that your funeral will be taken care of, without causing added stress for your family, and the knowledge that your nearest and dearest will be supported professionally by experienced funeral directors every step of the way.

Our FAQs

If your loved one passes away at home, it is important to remain calm. If the death has been expected, the doctor who has been treating your loved one should be contacted, providing they have seen the doctor within the previous 14 days of their death. The doctor will either attend to confirm the death or will give permission for your loved one to be transferred into the care of Far & Beyond Funeral Services. If the death has not been expected you will need to contact the GP of your loved one, they will then visit your home address to confirm the death and issue the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. You can then contact Far & Beyond Funeral Services and we will take over the care of your loved one.

If your loved one has been an in-patient, the doctors who have been treating your loved one will usually issue the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. You will usually be given the opportunity to sit with your loved one before they are transferred to the mortuary. When you are ready for your loved one to be collected, you will need to contact Far & Beyond Funeral Services. We will then collect your loved one from hospital, and transfer them into our care.

If the doctor will not issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death, this will usually be because the circumstances surrounding the death of your loved one mean that a Coroner should be involved for further investigation. The doctor may not issue the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death for a number of reasons such as;

  • Your loved one has passed away suddenly and the cause of death is unknown.
  • Your loved one has passed away due to violence.
  • Your loved one has passed away in prison.
  • Your loved one has passed away unnaturally.
  • Your loved one has passed away in a place or circumstance which requires an inquest.
  • The doctor can only complete the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death if they know the cause of death and have seen your loved one for the same illness during the 14 days prior to them passing away.

All deaths within the UK have to be registered, a death should be registered within five days. If this is not going to be possible the registrar must be informed of the circumstances within the five-day period.