Affordable Funeral Service Opens New Stockport Branch

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Affordable funeral service opens new Stockport branch

Far & Beyond Funeral Services is proud to announce the recent opening of its new branch of funeral directors in Stockport.

Renowned for offering quality funeral services throughout England and Wales, the company is now expanding its offering throughout the north west, giving more Greater Manchester residents the same access to affordable funeral care as is already enjoyed nationwide.

Far & Beyond Funerals is one of the nation’s fastest growing funeral providers, having built up a strong reputation in the funeral sector over more than twenty years.

A company spokesperson for Far & Beyond Funerals said:

“The opening of our Stockport branch of funeral directors will now give families more options when it comes to affordable funeral plans. At a time when many families are struggling with the rising costs of living, the unexpected price of a funeral can be a distressing burden. We know how important it is that families have the option of cheap funerals while guaranteeing high standards of care when honouring their loved ones’ memories. As well as having plans to suit every budget, we constantly exceed industry standards with our commitment to providing practical and emotional support. Every branch has an in-house bereavement counsellor who is trained in helping grieving relatives and friends.”

Over the past two years, Far & Beyond Funerals has managed to save over £500,000 in funeral costs for its clients. The company also offers a best price guarantee, helping those left behind access the most affordable service.

As part of its service, the company offers fixed-price fee structures while guaranteeing no added charges. Families can choose from five packages which aim to meet the needs of any family, from simple farewells to lavish ceremonies.

Every funeral package includes a core set of services, including collection, payment of doctors’ fees, a quality coffin, hearse transportation, completion of paperwork and more. Plans can also be tailored to bespoke needs, from cremation to burial and the provision of horse-drawn carriages.

Those looking for affordable funerals in Stockport will also benefit from the exceptional level of training and experience that the company’s staff is known to provide. As well as providing a counselling service, all members of staff are trained in offering comfort and support to those left behind, and free help and advice is available on their website.

Far & Beyond Funerals is approved by the National Association of Funeral Directors and is ISO 9001 accredited. To find out more, visit: https://farandbeyondfunerals.co.uk/. “

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