Direct Cremation

Direct Cremation

is an increasingly valuable choice where an attended funeral is not either possible or desired.

Increasingly, families are understanding that this is a worthwhile option. This can be the case when there are so few relatives or mourners able to attend that a full funeral service is not wanted.

It’s also an option where all possible attendees are too far scattered around the country, or world, or are physically unable to gather.

It’s also increasingly the case that loving families simply cannot afford full funeral fees.

Direct Cremation With Far & Beyond

Our direct cremation service allows families to know that their loved one will be still treated with the utmost dignity as he or she is taken into our respectful, sympathetic and professional care. Your loved one is taken to the crematorium in a private funeral car, using a simple coffin bearing a brass-effect nameplate, and the cremation is completed.

Our low fee for this professional service includes careful collection of your loved one, and all the necessary paperwork, plus both doctor’s and crematorium fees. For a single payment of just £1195, payable if you prefer through three monthly instalments by direct debit, you can be certain that the person is treated with humanity, dignity and respect as we assist them in completing their final journey.

If you would like to discuss this possibility with our experienced Far & Beyond team, please call 0800 368 7722 or click the envelope icon on this page to chat.


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