How to choose a charity for funeral donations

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It is becoming increasingly popular to accept charitable donations at funerals, as a substitute for flowers or other gifts. This is a truly wonderful way to pay tribute to the deceased and can raise a large sum for a brilliant cause. If you are thinking of doing this for your loved one, here are some ways to decide on a charity.

Chosen by the deceased

Often, the deceased will have chosen a charity at the time of planning their funeral. In which case, there is no decision to be made. Be sure to check their plans, will and wishes to find out if they already had a charity in mind.

A charity/cause they were passionate about

If a charity hasn’t been chosen in advance, then take some time to consider a charity or cause your loved one was passionate about. Family and close friends who know the deceased the best can come up with ideas together. Consider charities they donated to regularly, or causes they raised funds for during their life. Also have a think about causes they cared about, be it animal rescue, medical research or climate change.

Causes supporting relevant health conditions

If a health condition caused your loved one to pass away, it can be a touching tribute to raise money in relation to the condition. This could be charities that fund research, support patients during their illness or help the families of the deceased. You can also consider specific services who played their part, be it hospitals or hospices.

Family choice

If there is no obvious charity, sit down as a family and make a choice together. What means the most to you? It can bring great comfort to know the memory of your loved one, and the celebration of their life, has been able to support a fantastic cause. There are many to consider, and making the decision as a family is really important.

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