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An Order Of Service

as well as guiding attendees through the programme of chosen readings, hymns, or other music that will form your loved one’s funeral, it can also provide an emotive part of the celebration of their life.

It can become a lasting celebration of them as a much-loved individual, both on a striking cover and then inside. Favourite photographs and quotations, sayings or messages can be added, showcasing the sentiments of the occasion.

As well as those present, these can be offered as thoughtful and poignant reminders when sent to those who are not able to attend. Our experienced and committed Far & Beyond team can help you both design and then organise the printing of your loved one’s Order of Service, with costs beginning at just 65p per copy.

To find out more, and discuss your wishes, call us on 0800 368 7722 or click the envelope icon on this page.

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