Religious Funeral

At Far & Beyond,

we understand that religious beliefs are important. That’s why we strive to ensure that our religious services are sensitive and respectful.

Please speak to our funeral directors to discuss the requirements of your particular faith.

Church of England funerals

A Church of England funeral offers scope for personalisation, with a service that can be tailored to reflecting on and celebrating the life of your loved one. Readings and hymns with personal significance can be chosen, and you might wish to make plans with the vicar before the day of the event. Alternatively, Far & Beyond can play the role of liaison, with our funeral directors discussing your needs with the vicar.

Church of England services can involve burial or cremation, as well as ecologically friendly options such as a woodland burial. Personalised decorations can be chosen.

Catholic funerals

A Catholic mass (requiem or service) is held for your loved one. This involves the priest performing specific rites for your loved one’s soul, although many other parts of the service are similar to a standard Catholic mass. Please note that on certain days of religious significance, a funeral mass is not permitted to take place.

A Catholic funeral concludes with a cremation or burial ceremony depending on your loved one’s wishes, which takes place after mass has been said.

Islamic funerals

All Islamic funerals share a foundation based on sharia law. This involves bathing and shrouding your loved one before burial, and concludes with a prayer session. Under Islam, cremation is not permitted, and burials must take place as quickly as possible after death.

There are many different branches of Islam represented in the UK today, each with its own specific funeral rituals. Please speak to our funeral directors about your faith-based needs to ensure that your Islamic funeral will be carried out correctly.

Hindu funerals

Hindu traditions call for cremation of your loved one, after a 24-hour vigil period. Traditions include the adornment of your loved one with necklaces and garlands of flowers, as well as the singing of hymns and the saying of prayers.

At Far & Beyond, we will provide funerals for all faiths. Please contact us to discuss your needs, and we will ensure that the funeral is performed with due cultural sensitivity.

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