For relatives and friends that live abroad, attending a funeral can be difficult.

Thankfully, in today’s digital age, technology presents a number of new opportunities to share in the occasion without having to arrange travel.

A webcast is a way to broadcast a funeral remotely. At a small extra cost, you can now choose to stream your funeral live over the Internet. Of course, nothing can replace the intimacy of attending a funeral in person, but for those that live a long way away, or for those that may be too upset to attend the event, webcasting is becoming a popular option.

All viewers of webcast funeral services are provided with a private login and password, and can easily watch it from practically any location. A replay of your webcast will also be available for up to seven days following the service. This also allows those that may have been too upset to remember the details on the day to log in and watch it again at a later date.

Webcasting can also provide much-needed added comfort to the bereaved, knowing that those unable to attend the funeral in person will not miss out on the service entirely.

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