3 funeral ideas for a unique send-off

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Funerals often follow many traditions, be it the order of service, the favourite hymns, common flowers, or black attire. It is important to remember you do not need to stick with these. You should not be discouraged from arranging a funeral that is unique, a true tribute to your loved one, and a send off that they would be proud of. Here are some ideas for those looking for a unique touch.

Don’t wear black

It isn’t disrespectful to wear colour to a funeral. Quite the opposite. Asking guests to come wearing your loved one’s favourite colour adds a real personal touch to the funeral. You might ask that attendees wear bright colours, or floral patterns, something that represents the deceased and celebrates them.

Choose the playlist

It can feel necessary to choose hymns or sad, slow songs for funerals. But again, this is not the case. The playlist should embody the person you are celebrating and their brilliant life. Feel free to choose songs they loved throughout their lives. You can play happy, upbeat tracks if this is what they would have loved. You might also choose songs by their favourite bands or singers.

Personalise flowers or displays

You might choose to have flowers at the ceremony, and you can personalise these in terms of their shape, colour, and flower type. But you do not have to have flowers just because tradition dictates it. You might choose a personal display instead, such as a table of their favourite things, mementoes from their life, or a collage of photographs. Likewise, you can advise guests not to bring flowers but rather donate to a charity that meant a lot to the deceased or their family. This is another personal touch that can bring a touch of personality to the funeral.

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