How to choose the perfect funeral flowers

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Flowers are a common sight at funerals, and for great reason. They are beautiful, meaningful, and above all can add a personal touch to honour your loved one. But with everything to plan and consider, it can feel overwhelming to make decisions. Don’t worry. There are some great ways to ensure you choose the perfect funeral flowers. Take a look:

Consider the meaning

Flowers carry their own meanings, and this can be a vital thing to consider when picking flowers for a funeral. Lilies, for example, are universally considered a funeral flower as they symbolise restored innocence. Pink carnations are a symbol of remembrance with white carnations representing pure love. Or you may opt for orchids, which are associated with eternal love and mourning.

Choose colours

While colours can have their own symbolisation, they can also represent the person you are remembering. You might choose bright, vibrant flowers for somebody with a large, bubbly personality. Or perhaps you could choose gentle, pastel colours for somebody who was calm and gentle. You can even choose the deceased’s favourite colours, or colours that represent their football team, for an added unique touch.

Factor in favourites

Perhaps your loved one was a floral fan, in which case you can incorporate their favourite flowers into the funeral. Perhaps they were a romantic who adored red roses, or they always found a reason to smile when they saw sunflowers.

Shapes and tributes

Floral tributes take many forms. You might opt for a traditional wreath, or a teardrop bouquet. You can also create tributes by spelling out your loved one’s name or family title such as ‘Dad’ or ‘Mum.’ You can also have the arrangement made into a shape such as a heart, football, anchor, or cross, to further symbolise the deceased in a way that is personal and extra special.

Organising a funeral can be overwhelming, but pre-paid funeral plans can take away the pressure and make the process smoother. If you are looking for affordable funerals in Manchester, then contact Far and Beyond Funerals today. Our friendly team are here to support you every step of the way.

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