Can I have a funeral during the COVID lockdown?

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With the third COVID-19 lockdown announced to the UK nation in January 2021, the question on many people’s minds whose loved ones have died or are dying is, “Can I have a funeral during the COVID lockdown?”. Although no one wants to be organising a funeral, at the same time, no one wants to be left in limbo when it comes to burying or cremating their loved one.

According to current advice from the Government, even with the latest lockdown measures in place funerals are still allowed under the new rules in England.

How long will the rules last for?

Based on Boris Johnson’s address to the nation, these rules are expected to remain consistent until the middle of February, and more likely into March. Throughout all of the lockdowns since 2020, funerals have been able to take place, so it is unlikely that there will be any reason why funerals cannot go ahead going forward.

How many people can attend funerals?

However, funeral ceremonies do have to adhere to strict limits on attendance, and they must be held in environments considered to be COVID-19 secure, or in public outdoor spaces.

Under current guidance, funerals can be attended by a maximum of 30 people. However, it should be noted that this could always change (it has previously been limited to only 10 people) and therefore, you should always check with your funeral director about the latest guidance. Anyone who is working is not counted within these limits, and it remains important for social distancing to continue between those who are not living together or within the same support bubble.

For religious or commemorative events relating to someone’s death, for example, ash scatterings, there can only be six people in attendance, but these are still able to go ahead throughout the COVID-19 lockdown.

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