Planning a funeral in lockdown

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Arranging an event in the middle of a pandemic has been challenging for all of us. Unlike other ceremonies, funerals are sensitive and very emotional and therefore require special attention. If you have a lost a loved one during this period, funeral arrangements will be different. Here’s what to expect when planning for a funeral during a pandemic.

Who can go to the funeral?

The number of people allowed to attend depends on where the funeral is being held. Different tiers of restriction apply in different parts of the country. Find out what tier your area is in when planning to know how many people can attend the funeral. Areas in safety tiers 1-4 allow up to 20 people, while level 0 can hold up to 50 people. For safety measures, keep the numbers as low as possible. Only invite the deceased’s closest family and friends.

How do I arrange a funeral while in self-isolation?

The best and easiest way to prepare a funeral in this situation would be to liaise with a funeral director. At Far & Beyond Funeral Services, we oversee all arrangements on your behalf and provide any support that you may need. Because we understand that these are tough economic times, our staff members will help you reduce costs when possible.

Can I hold a wake?

Post-funeral gatherings are allowed, but you must observe social distancing. Like the funeral ceremony, the number of people allowed to attend the wake depends on the area. Towns in tier 4 only allow a maximum of 6 people while tiers 1,2 and 3 allow a maximum of 15 people. If you have a family member coming from a tier 4 area, you will have to follow Tier 4 area guidelines. The wake venue can be a church, a hotel, a community centre, or a cemetery since most restaurants and pubs are closed.

If you are looking for affordable funeral plans, contact us today for more information on our pricing and packages.

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