Picking the right hymns for a funeral service

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When arranging a funeral or cremation service for a loved one, the level of planning that is required can add a lot of strain and stress to all parties involved. One unexpected aspect of planning a service are the hymns which may form a part of the liturgy.

It goes without saying that not everyone necessarily knows where to begin in terms of selecting songs for a personalised send-off, but that is okay. Funeral directors Manchester are here to provide advice and support in these matters.

It could be that music had already been requested by the loved one in question, or that you have opted for a pre-paid funeral plan already.

However, for those occasions where this may change, or not be the case, we wanted to share our years of experience and collate a selection of hymns which you may helpful:

1) The Lord is my Shepherd

Based on Psalm 23, this is a hymn that the vast majority will have some familiarity with. It is an uplifting hymn and is about finding guidance during challenging times.

2) Abide with me

This is a popular Victorian hymn, which we feel a lot of people may recognise. The lyrics are about asking God for comfort during these difficult times so it’s an ideal hymn for helping support those through saying goodbye.

3) Jerusalem

Adapted from a poem by William Blake written in 1804, it is a very popular and evocative English hymn which uses a powerful melody and lyrical accompaniments.

4) I watch the sunrise

This hymn is comforting for those who want to reflect on the life of their loved ones. It uses a metaphor of the sun moving through the day to signal the passage of time, but it also reflects on being close to God.

5) Make me a Channel of Your Peace

Adapted from the Prayer of Saint Francis, this is a prayer for comfort, love and for peace. It is also an anthem for the Royal British Legion.

We hope these hymns are helpful and bring comfort to you and your family during this difficult time. Of course, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information if you have any questions about our services.

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