How to say goodbye on any budget

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When you’re grieving the loss of a beloved family member, funeral costs should be the last thing on your mind. Unfortunately, the rising costs of funeral services can add unnecessary stress at an already difficult time. Thankfully, there are plenty of cost-effective, modern options for funeral services today. At Far & Beyond Funerals in Manchester, we work closely with our clients to bring the costs down and maintain a dignified, respectful service that brings comfort and closure. These tips will help you create a meaningful celebration of your loved one’s life on any budget:

1) Consider cremation services

The biggest determining factor for cost is simply the choice between cremation and burial. If your loved one had already expressed a preference for cremation or burial, this decision may have already been made. If they did not share their wishes on the matter, then cremation services could be considered as a cost-saving option. Direct cremation, where the cremation takes place without a service, may be worth considering, as it allows you to hold a separate memorial service at a later date.

2) Display photographs and favourite things

Flowers are a staple of traditional funerals, but they are also among the most costly aspect of the day. A simple display can cost hundreds of pounds, and they wilt soon after the service has ended. As an alternative, or perhaps as an addition, consider displaying photo boards that celebrate your loved one’s life and highlight favourite memories. Display their favourite possessions, such as musical instruments they played, or something related to their profession. These personalised displays are inexpensive and easy to put together, but deeply meaningful. After the service is over, a photo board is a beautiful keepsake, too.

3) Discuss your options

Many funeral directors offer instalment plans, allowing you to pay for your loved one’s funeral service over time in affordable monthly instalments. At Far & Beyond Funerals in Manchester, we would be happy to discuss our flexible direct debit payment options with you. We can also look into your eligibility for the Government’s Social Fund grants and payments that can help cover funeral services, such as the Funeral Expenses Payment or the Bereavement Allowance.

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