3 ways to include long distance friends and family in a funeral service

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When organising a funeral, it is understandable to want everybody from your loved one’s life to be present to pay their respects. This isn’t always possible, particularly for friends and family who live long distances away, and those living abroad. Commitments, travel costs and unpredictable circumstances can put a barrier in the way of their attendance, but there are still ways to include them. Just take a look at these 3 fantastic ideas.

Ask for stories

If they cannot attend in person, friends and relatives can still share their memories of the deceased. Get in touch and ask for stories, recollections and anecdotes that they have. These can then be used in the funeral speeches or in memorial information. You may receive stories that are heartfelt and even funny. Either way, it will resemble a part of the person you are honouring. These stories will help build the incredible story of that person’s life, and allow it to be fully celebrated.

Request photographs

With the aid of email, social media and instant messaging, it has never been quicker or easier to gather photographs. Ask around for people’s photos, and you will surely end up with plenty to share. You may find photographs never seen before, or uncover memories that had long been forgotten. These photographs can be used in the order of service as well as in photo albums or on display.

Try livestreaming the service

Modern technology, alongside recent restrictions on travel and large gatherings, has seen a surge in livestreamed events. For many, it is possible to livestream a funeral service, so that those who are unable to attend in person can still be a part of the wonderful ceremony. Being able to watch as stories are shared, songs are played, poems are spoken and pictures are shown, will mean a huge deal to those who may have otherwise missed out.

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