Winter funerals: 3 tips to handle them effectively

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Funerals are always emotional affairs and something no-one ever looks forward too. Although you might not want too, it is actually a good idea to think ahead and make sure you are prepared for any funeral you attend. Winter funerals bring their own challenges due to the weather at this time of year. But what are the best tips for getting through them effectively?

Wrap up warm

The first and arguably most important thing to do for any winter funeral is wrap up warm. As this time of year can be chilly, you don’t want to be feeling cold or uncomfortable on the day itself. Funerals are tough enough to get through anyway, without spending all day being freezing cold. This is true for all types of funeral, such as cremation services, but especially burials where you will be spending more time outside. From warm dresses to suits, thick coats and gloves make sure you wear the right outfit to stay warm.

Beware of snow and ice as you get about

Another good tip to get through any winter funeral is looking out for snow and ice as you walk about. This is true for both the grounds where the funeral service will be held and also where any wake is held too. While whoever looks after the grounds will do their best to keep them clear, it is still worth taking extra care as you go. This will ensure you do not slip on patches of ice or snow to injure yourself.

Allow for extra travel time

Many people do not live close to where funerals take place and end up travelling many miles to attend. If this is the case, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get there for a winter service. The roads at this time of year can often be dangerous which means you will have to drive slower to navigate them. Winter can also bring traffic jams and road closures which can also slow you down. In light of this, give yourself plenty of travel time over so you are not rushing or arriving late.

Far & Beyond Funerals can help make any winter funeral easier

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