How to make a funeral an enjoyable celebration of life

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While funerals are an emotional time for all loved ones, let’s take a look at three ways to help make the day a brighter and more positive celebration of the person’s life rather than a morbid event.

Set the tone with colours

One way you can help make the day a happier one is by injecting colours which help uplift people. You can do this by opting for flowers in colours like a cheerful yellow. Dressing the room in elegantly vivid shades will help to make everyone feel more positive and will allow guests to feel more joyful and at ease.

Reflect on happy memories

When organising speeches to be read during the cremation services, it’s a thoughtful idea to ask somebody who knew a lot about the person. If you’re asked to make a speech, start writing down stories and pleasant memories you have about the person which will highlight the value they added to your life and those around you. Focusing on all those memories and the things the person achieved will help you to remember your lost loved one’s life in a happily reflective manner and will contribute to an atmosphere of celebration rather than loss.

Take the stress away from planning

A funeral is a difficult time, so it’s good to be able to relax without the unnecessary stresses of planning. Cheap funerals that are respectfully designed are available to help relieve financial pressure so you can be part of what actually matters. Affordable funerals are made even easier with a pre-paid funeral plan. It is never easy to consider one’s own death or the death of a family member, however, planning for this can make it a lot easier when the time does come.

We’ve discussed just a few ways to help turn a traditional funeral into a day of celebration, one within which you can remember the person’s life in a positive way and help make it emotionally easier for loved ones attending. If you’d like more help with organising affordable funerals with funeral directors in Manchester, have a chat with us at Far & Beyond Funeral Services today.

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