How to create an inclusive funeral for young people and children

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Funerals are a difficult time for all involved, but they can be particularly distressing for children. With so much to organise and arrange, it’s easy to overlook the impact such a huge event can have on a young person. However, there are many things you can do to include children in funeral or cremation services in a comfortable, sensitive and age-appropriate way.

1. Prepare them

Most children have never had to attend a funeral, so it’s important not to assume they know what is involved. Explain to them what will happen before, during and after the service, so they know what to expect. This will also allow them to ask any questions or decide whether they want to attend the funeral at all.

2. Allow them to help

Give your child or young person the opportunity to contribute to the funeral. This could be in the form of choosing the music or flowers, drawing a picture or writing a poem. This process might make them feel better as they feel like they are helping and playing an active role in the service.

3. Provide support

Sometimes it can be helpful to have a trusted person sit with the child and provide support throughout the service, perhaps someone not heavily affected by the death so that they can take the child out of the service or distract them if it all gets too much. This will also take the pressure off you if you’re organising the funeral.

4. Have an alternative ceremony

If you think it is in the child’s best interests for them not to attend the funeral, you can always plan a different kind of celebration. Maybe you could plant a tree together or go to a special place that was important to the deceased and the young person. An alternative event can be less overwhelming for the child and more meaningful to them.

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