Cremation fireworks – what are they and how do they work?

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Cremation fireworks have become a popular way for friends and family to send someone “off with a bang”. Before you consider this unique way to honour a loved one, there are a few things to think about.

What are cremation fireworks?

Also known as “memorial fireworks”, cremation fireworks are exactly as they sound. Usually, a small amount of ashes are loaded into a firework shell (always by a professional company, do not try this at home) and then launched as part of a short display.

Should you wish to scatter the entire ashes in fireworks, you would need to organise for a professional company to organise this for you in a large display.

The firework is provided with a certificate of authenticity so you can be assured that the ashes of your loved one are present. Not all of the ashes can be placed into a firework, so you will either keep the rest or receive the remainder in a secure container.

Why choose cremation fireworks?

It may seem a little novel to some, but cremation fireworks are a joyous send-off as the climax of celebrating the life of a departed one.

Cremation fireworks actually have a really special and deep meaning. Many people see them as a fitting way to “light up” the lives of those they meant so much to one final time. You can choose to set off a memorial firework at a place with special significance to the person who has passed.

Are cremation fireworks legal?

Memorial fireworks are as legal as any other type of firework. All fireworks must be set off before 11 pm by UK law, except on New Year’s Eve and November 5th.

Cremated remains can be scattered by fireworks over private property with the owner’s permission. For a large display or one organised by a pyrotechnic company, advice and permission would need to be sought from the local authority.

For a truly memorable way to mark the passing of a loved one, cremation fireworks truly are a far and beyond way to honour someone’s life.

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