Why choose a non-religious funeral service?

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Saying goodbye to a loved one comes with more choice than ever in the modern world. As well as cremation services and burials, you can also now benefit from more choice around the service itself. One type of funeral you might have heard about previously is a non-religious service. But what is it and why might it be the best choice for some families?

What is a non-religious ceremony?

In simple terms, a non-religious funeral service does not have any of the religious aspects a standard ceremony would include. This means that no hymns are sung, no readings are given and the service is not usually led by an ordained member of your religion. While this might sound strange, it does offer its own unique advantages.

But what are they?

A happier feel and atmosphere

There is no doubt that cremation services and funerals will always be respectful affairs. Many families though can find the sombre nature of a religious service overbearing. This, in turn, can make them feel more depressed and have a tougher time getting through the day. A non-religious ceremony helps because it is normally less sombre and more about celebrating the life of whoever has passed on.

Ideal for non-religious families

If your family is not religious in day to day life or does not believe in God at all, attending a religious funeral service can seem disconcerting. You might also need to consider that the family member or friend who has passed on might not have been religious either. In this case, it might also feel wrong to see them off with a religious ceremony. Of course, you still want to say a final goodbye – this is where a non-religious service is a perfect choice.

More flexibility

Religious funeral services are normally quite structured and have certain rules to follow. This might mean you can’t do what you would like in the ceremony or what the deceased has specifically asked for. A non-religious ceremony, however, is much less formal and more flexible in terms of what you can do. For this reason, it is often a more suitable choice for some families.

Affordable funerals with Far & Beyond Funeral Services

If you think a non-religious service would be best for you or you need more advice on the subject, contact us today at support@farandbeyondfunerals.co.uk. Our expert team have many years of experience in this sector and can offer gentle, compassionate guidance to all.

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