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A funeral is a sad day for everyone involved, but it is also a day of remembrance of the life lost and a chance to say goodbye to your friend or loved one. It is an ideal moment to pay tribute to the person they were and celebrate the beauty and love they created in the world. With this in mind, choosing the perfect funeral flowers that will suit their memory can be a daunting task.

Here is a guide on how to choose the ideal funeral flowers:

1. Choosing flowers for an immediate family member

As a close family member of the deceased, it can be a taxing process to consider the flowers for their casket. However, there are a few traditional flowers that pay a very fitting tribute. Flowers such as carnations are a beautiful touch. With white carnations used to represent pure love and pink carnations representing remembrance, they are an excellent choice. Lilies are also a classic funeral flower as they symbolise innocence and renaissance. White stargazer lilies are a popular choice when planning a funeral.

2. Selecting appropriate flowers for a friend

Although it is typically only the flowers selected by close relations that go on the casket, it is still appropriate to send flowers as a tribute to your friend. Gladioli are a classic and popular choice for funerals because they represent strength. Chrysanthemums are also a fitting choice and these flowers are only used as funeral flowers in some European countries.

As a caveat, it is always important to be aware that some faiths do not welcome flowers. In the Jewish faith, it is not a custom to send flowers, either to the funeral or to the home of the deceased. In Islamic tradition, the close family should be consulted first.

3. Consult a funeral director

With a vast and varied experience in funeral services, funeral directors will be able to offer advice on choices and etiquette. This will ease a lot of the stresses and burdens on your shoulders and help you give your loved one or friend the truly beautiful send-off they deserve.

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