The release of beautiful white doves

during a funeral service has long been recognised as a touching, evocative and symbolic way to help free your loved one from the physical bonds of life.

This is becoming an increasingly poignant option, whether as part of a full service when funeral flowers are welcomed, or as an evocative alternative where they are not.

Some choose a single white dove to release one spirit, two where the loved one may be re-joining a devoted partner; another option is a trio to represent the Holy Trinity. Allowing every truly close relative to each gently hold, and then together release, these beautiful birds is another sad but welcome gesture.

You can choose the moment, whether at a cremation, burial or interment, to allow these beautiful birds to fly free and high, lifting with them the spirit of your loved one.

If you’d like to discuss adding doves, please call our helpful Far & Beyond team on 0800 368 7722 or click the envelope icon on this page.

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