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Many people choose flowers as a way of honouring the memory of a loved one and making the funeral ceremony more special. Different varieties of flowers hold different meanings, and often these are evoked through the colour of the flowers, which can symbolise different things. In this way, the colour of flowers becomes a sort of language in its own right, through which one might express their condolences and appreciation.

We’ve prepared a short guide to just some of the meanings that one might choose to express through the colours of flowers at a funeral, to help make the decision a little easier.


Perhaps the most popular choice of colour for funereal flowers, this colour is often seen to represent innocence, as well as sympathy. White roses and lilies are both excellent choices if you’d like to express these sentiments.


If you’d like to evoke the sense of a more joyful celebration of your loved one’s life, yellow flowers might be the way to go. They’re also particularly appropriate if you’re a friend rather than a relative, in that yellow is often seen to symbolise deep friendship.


In a funeral setting, red flowers often denote a deep and strong love, as well as courage. The meaning of this colour also takes on new depth when applied to different flowers, for example, a red rose also evokes a sense of both grief and respect, whilst red carnations suggest admiration and affection.


Blue flowers are a slightly rarer choice of funereal flower but are ideal for creating a sense of serenity, honesty and tranquillity.

Personal Meanings

You might also want to apply your own, more personal meanings to the colour of the flowers you choose. If your loved one had a particular favourite colour, for example, you could honour their memory with flowers in that shade. Alternatively, if they were particularly passionate about sport, you could choose flowers in their favourite team’s colours.

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