Funeral Care – The Dinosaur Sector

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Funeral Care – The Dinosaur Sector

In our increasingly modern society, every industry has had to adjust to ever-changing consumer demand and what the public wants. One sector where this hasn’t happened en masse to date is the funeral care industry. The reasons behind this stem from tradition and also a question of perspective from within the sector itself.

Tradition may be holding back change

The UK funeral care sector is estimated to be worth around £2 billion annually with around 600,000 funerals taking place each year. As a sector, it has been around for many years and this can be the issue. Funerals are steeped in a tradition that was decided upon a long time ago. These traditions can now seem outdated as a result and hold the industry back from moving forward.
The question of perspective is also key in why the funeral care sector is dinosaur-like. Some funeral directors become complacent as they know that they will always have a demand for their services. This can lead to them not doing all they can to keep pace with public demand and not offering the services people actually desire.

The cost is an issue too

An average, traditional funeral in the UK can cost around £3,500. For many relatives left behind or people sorting their affairs out beforehand, this can seem very high. When you factor in that people aren’t really sure what this money pays for then it can make the way it is approached seem outdated. Information and cost is key to most people’s decision making now and the sector lags behind in these key areas.

How can the situation change for the better?

For many people, the traditional and expensive funeral is no longer what they want. This is especially true if you are not religious or the loved one that has passed wasn’t. A key way that the situation could be improved is by offering more bespoke and individual packages for people to use. If they could also offer options that were less expensive too then it would really help to change things for the better.
Another major way that the whole funeral sector could change is in the customer service it gives. Many funeral directors can seem stuffy, formal and outdated in the modern world. By updating their customer service to make it more fitting for the times we live in, it would help things change for the better.

Let us help you in your most difficult time

Here at Far & Beyond Funeral Services, we are here to help in life’s hard times. Our fresh and modern approach will allow you to have the funeral you desire or your loved one would have wanted. Our caring and professional approach will help you through those difficult moments after a loved one has passed.

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