Pre-Paid Funeral Plans – The Truth

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With some news outlets claiming that pre-paid funeral plans may leave users ‘out of pocket,’ we at Far & Beyond Funeral Services felt it was time to assuage any concerns you may have. If you fall into the category of those who want to ensure your loved ones do not struggle with the cost of your funeral after your passing, eliminating anxiety from the process is essential.

The pre-paid funeral industry remains steady

While some may claim that the pre-paid funeral sector is due to collapse, there isn’t any evidence to suggest this at present. As an industry that remains heavily regulated by the Financial Planning Authority, you can remain confident that those who are investing your money will make wise decisions. In order for an organisation to provide such plans, they must pass stringent FPA regulations. Similarly, to continue providing them, they must adhere to their rules.

There are no hidden costs

From the moment you choose a pre-paid funeral plan to the time your family needs to use it, you won’t face any hidden costs. Recent reports suggest that those creating the plans take commission without permission. Again, due to FPA regulations, this does not happen. Throughout the payment process, we’ll always remain open and honest about where your money goes. The FPA uses an Independent Compliance Committee to make sure your money remains safe and wisely invested.

Pre-paid funeral plans come with the appropriate amount of support

As anybody who has faced the death of a loved one will know, covering the cost of the funeral isn’t the only stress you will encounter. For many, it’s a highly emotional period in their lives, where they need appropriate support from those with the right expertise. Choosing a pre-paid plan doesn’t mean that you lose out on that support. While you’re in the midst of making emotionally wearing decisions, the right people are on hand to help you use your money sensibly.

Whether you’re yet to choose a pre-paid funeral plan or you already hold one, it’s natural to have some concerns. Should you ever have any unsettled worries, reach out to someone with knowledge in this area of finance.

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