How to choose the right funeral music

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When you lose a loved one, honouring their memory in the right way can give them the perfect send-off that they deserve. Funeral music is an integral part of honouring your lost friend or family member. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right songs to ensure that the music sets the kind of tone that they would have wanted. So, how should you choose the right music for a funeral?

Opt for a favourite song

If your deceased friend or relative had a song they loved, this can make an ideal choice for funeral music. When a song is loved by someone in life, it can make a fitting way to truly pay tribute to their memory and honour their life. Often, the music that we love represents the person we are, so playing their favourite song at their funeral can help funeral attendees to feel close to the deceased.

Consider the tone of the funeral

Funerals are an inherently mournful occasion, but not everyone wants to be mourned in death. Instead, they would prefer their funeral to be a celebration of the life that they have lived. Therefore, it is essential to tailor the music to the kind of mood that you want to set. If your lost relative would have preferred their funeral to be an event where people remembered the happy times, choose more upbeat music rather than selecting sorrowful options.

Focus on the lyrics

While the melody and beat of a song can set the tone of a funeral, in some ways the lyrics of the songs can be even more important. Did your relative have a specific passion in life that they would have wanted everyone to remember them by? Perhaps they had an outstanding achievement that is reflected in the lyrics of a particular song. Listen to the lyrics carefully and select a song that truly relates to the deceased, bringing their memory and achievements to life so they can be celebrated during their send-off.

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