What to include in a grief care package

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When somebody you care about loses a loved one, it can be tough to know how to support them. Unable to take away their pain and loss, you can be left feeling helpless at a time you would most like to help. Why not support this person by creating a simple grief care package? It shows you care, gives them some much-needed comfort, and is a gentle way of letting them know you’re around. Here is some advice on what to include:


During grief, it is easy to forget to eat. The combination of a reduced appetite and being busy preparing for the next steps can mean that those experiencing a bereavement can unintentionally neglect themselves. A package of healthy snacks can provide your loved one with energy and remind them to stay fed and hydrated, as well as saving them the need to go shopping or to choose what to buy. You can also include some treats for extra comfort, like their favourite chocolate or some cake.


These are not only essential, but toiletries can also act as the perfect treat for those who need a little self-care. Face masks, bubble baths, and even a luxury shampoo can go a long way to making somebody who is struggling feel better.


Your package could also include information on bereavement services, local facilities and useful guides to help them through the grieving process and beyond. This is a thoughtful way to ensure they have access to the support they need.

An offer of help

Include a condolence card or letter in your package, and extend an offer to help within it. This could be to aid with funeral preparation, child care needs, preparing meals or even help around the house. People often worry about calling on others, for fear of burdening them or putting them out, so letting somebody know you are happy to be of assistance can go a long way to relieving their anxiety and feeling less alone.

If you have lost somebody recently and are looking for cremation services and affordable funerals in the Manchester area, contact Far and Beyond Funerals today. Our experienced team are on hand to support you.

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