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No Funeral, Just Cremation Service

No Funeral, Just Cremation Service

Across the UK more and more people are regarding cremation as not just an alternative to burial but consider it to be a preferable option.

Statistics do a good job of backing up this claim. Research has found that the cremation rate in the UK has been steadily rising for years: in 1960 around 35 percent of all funerals were cremations, while at the end of 2017 that number stood at 77 percent.

However, we understand that a funeral, no matter the option selected, is an important ceremony that must be handled carefully and with respect. No one funeral is more important than another, and we retain that mentality because we want every family we interact with to understand that they deserve, and will attain, a bespoke service.

Our approach

As funeral directors who cover the entirety of the UK, we’re often asked by families up and down the country, if we are able to provide ‘a no funeral, just cremation’ option.

Our answer is, of course, ‘yes’. However, we do more than simply offer an answer; we talk with each family, carefully assess their needs and requirements, and ensure that they have the service and ceremony that they are looking for.

For many years local funeral directors have, somewhat callously, promoted the virtues of an extravagant funeral service; the mentality seeming to be that the more money spent, the more dignified and heartfelt the service.

However, at Far & Beyond Funeral Services, we do not believe this to be true. We have built our business and reputation on telling people that the more appropriate funeral is not dictated by money, but by effort, commitment, and focusing on those all-important personal touches.

What do we mean by no funeral, just cremation?

A ‘no funeral’ is officially known as a ‘direct cremation’, and the process is not too dissimilar to a traditional funeral service. When a loved one passes away, they are collected by our dedicated takeover-of-care team and transported to our mortuary, as is the case with every loved one.

Then, at a date and time that is regarded as suitable for all parties, a crematorium and appropriate transport will be selected. Your loved one will then be cremated with only our staff and the crematorium staff present.

After the cremation has taken place, your loved one’s remains will be returned to you – if you so wish – so that you can have to option to hold your own private memorial service.

Put simply, a direct cremation is very similar to a funeral service, only the service is conducted in the reverse order, and the cost is massively decreased. Far & Beyond Funeral Services provide Direct Cremations for a fixed fee of £1,195 – with no hidden extras – throughout England and Wales, from Manchester to Mumbles, Newcastle to Newport.

We understand, of course, that this option isn’t for everyone. However, it has proven popular with many people from all backgrounds, and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, or any queries that arise, to ensure that you are content with the service provided to you.

For further information please call our dedicated bereavement service team on 0800 368 7722.